Why hire a consultant?


There are a lot of different reasons practices decide to work with a practice managment consultant, but some of the most common are:


You may not have the time you need to get a project done.  For example, you may need a new phone system, but you don’t have time to do the proper due diligence on vendor selection or deal with the implementation. It can be hard to get projects done when you are trying to keep up with the day to day. Or, you may be overwhelmed with work and need someone to help get things caught up, but don’t think you need someone full-time. A practice managment consultant can be someone you unload work to from time to time when things get hectic.

Practice Management Consulting - Why hire a consultant?

You may need the expertise of a consultant on a certain project. For example, moving to a new office space. You may feel like you have to time to do a project like this, but maybe you have never done it before. A consultant can help you make sure the project goes smoothly. They can also help you know what you don’t know. That can be invaluable as we all know what it is like to run into an issue that you know nothing about. 


Sometimes a practice is faced with a problem that they just don’t know how to fix. Maybe patients are complaining about waiting too long in the waiting room but no matter what you have tried, it continues to happen. A fresh set of eyes can often shed light on an issue like this. Also, a practice managment consultant can spend time gathering data and presenting solutions based on the data. Often times in a medical practice, several individuals think they know the source of the problem, but everyone thinks it is something else, so it is hard to get everyone on the same page. Data can help manage perceptions and arrive at more conclusive decisions rather than just feelings. 

Sensitive situations

Every practice runs into this from time to time. There is a sensitive situation that will be awkward for a person inside the group to handle. Sometimes it is easier to have a consultant come in and deal with those times of issues. It can help preserve relationships for the future. 


Things might be going smoothly and you don’t feel like you lack time or expertise. It is still a very healthy exercise to have your practice audited from time to time. A practice management consultant can offer fresh perspective on your practice and your revenue cycle. They can confirm that things are going as smoothly as you think or they can find unseen problems, hopefully before they become big problems